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It is the responsibility of the SMS Distribution & Logistics Department to insure a continuous and uninterrupted supply of product and distribution services to our Franchisees and Brand patrons. This responsibility is global in scope moving over 14,000,000 cases annually to almost 3,000 restaurants and bakeries worldwide. In addition to normal day-to-day replenishment, the SMS Distribution & Logistics Department also manages the logistics of limited time offers (LTO’s) as well as the logistics of new products for testing.

Always mindful of the fact that “Service” is literally a part of the SMS corporate name, the SMS Distribution & Logistics Department performs a number of service support functions to our Franchisees and Brand patrons. While addressing the ordinary distribution service issues, the department also deals with extraordinary challenges such as hurricanes, blizzards, and other catastrophic events.

The SMS distribution team executes against the distribution strategies of our brand partners, creating opportunities for geographical growth and supply consistency at economic costs. The logistics manages and supports the flow of products from manufacturers to distributors, as well as our geographically centered redistribution facility, allowing for the lowest possible freight costs possible in our system. Additionally, the SMS Distribution & Logistics Department routinely audits distributor invoices to insure the accuracy of prices charged and when an over charge is discovered, vigorously follows-up with distributors on the reparation of monies owed to operators.

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